Y-Chromosome and Mitochondrial DNA Workshop for NEAFS

John M. Butler (NIST) and Michael D. Coble (AFDIL)

Rye Brook, NY; November 1, 2006

Handouts for PowerPoint Presentations


Lineage Markers

Y-Chromosome Background and Y-SNPs

Y-STR Markers and Nomenclature, Core Loci, and Kits

Y-STR Statistics, Mutation Rates, Duplication/Deletions

Work with Additional Y-STR Loci

Casework Examples and Resources

Mitochondrial DNA - Section 1

Mitochondrial DNA - Section 2

Mitochondrial DNA - Section 3

Mitochondrial DNA - Section 4


Reference Materials

Butler, J.M. (2003) Recent developments in Y-short tandem repeat and Y-single nucleotide polymorphism analysis. Forensic Sci. Rev. 15:91-111.

Edson, S.M., Ross, J.R., Coble, M.D., Parsons, T.J., and Barritt, S.M. (2004) “Naming the dead — confronting the realities of rapid identification of degraded skeletal remains.” Forensic Science Reviews 16(1): 64-89.


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