Published Population Data from a Variety of STR Systems

Due to the fact that DNA typing is only an examination of a DNA sample's sequence and/or length at discrete locations, a match in DNA typing is always a statistical exercise. (Currently, time and expense limit an examination of an individual's entire genome, which would show unique identity for all but identical twins.) In order to determine the probability that a particular genotype might occur at random in a population, population data must be gathered to make an estimate of the frequency of each possible allele and genotype. Usually a sample size of greater than 100 samples is sufficient to make reliable projections about a genotype's frequency in a larger population (see Chakraborty, R. (1992) Human Biology 64:141-159).

The data collected and presented here represent information from published sources (see reference listing). The population sampled is listed by its reference number according to the commercial kit used to collect the data. We hope this information will be helpful to the DNA typing community for comparing results between populations.

Notice of Amendment of the FBI's STR Population Data Published in 1999 and 2001 (kindly provided by the FBI Laboratory)

Population Survey provided by Brian Burritt (San Diego Police Department)

Reference Listing of Published Sources (219 publications as of 06/03/2015)

Download OmniPop program (~1.7 Mbytes macro-enabled Excel file developed by Brian Burritt)

  • OmniPop calculates a user-inputted profile's frequency using allele frequencies from 202 published databases present in the program (updates will be made available in the future)

AllST*R – Autosomal Database (from Qualitype AG, Germany):

popSTR (STR population data comparisons):

PopAffiliator (prediction of an individual affiliation to a major population group):

NIST Population Data collected on U.S. Sample Groups



Programs that permit on-line STR profile frequency calculations

ENFSI DNA WG STR Population Database ( uses 5,699 samples from 24 European populations with SGM Plus kit loci

Canadian Random Match Calculator for Profiler Plus and COfiler kits -  (; see also for information on a variety of populations


Links to Original Information on STRBase regarding Population Data