Purpose of This STR Database and Web Page

STRBase was created in early 1997 by John M. Butler (under the direction of Dennis J. Reeder) and has been available on-line since July 1997.

While the use of STRs for genetic mapping and identity testing has become widespread among DNA typing laboratories, there is no single place where information may be found regarding STR systems. This web site is an attempt to bring together the abundant literature on the subject in a cohesive fashion to make future work in this field easier. Facts and sequence information on each STR system, population data, commonly used multiplex STR systems, PCR primers and conditions, and a review of various technologies for analysis of STR alleles have been included in this database. Addresses for scientists and organizations working in this area have also been included as well as a comprehensive reference listing of material on STRs used for DNA typing purposes.

If you or someone you know has additional information which would supplement the data included here, please contact us.