Validation Workshop Materials     Last updated 8/26/05

For workshop presented at NFSTC on August 24-26, 2005 by Robyn Ragsdale (FDLE) and John Butler (NIST)

Outline of Planned Presentation Material

Questionnaire to be completed by workshop participants

Handouts for PowerPoint presentations:


Validation Overview

Introduction to DAB Standards

Developmental Validation

Inconsistencies in Validation Between Labs

Internal Validation

Method Modifications and Performance Checks

Practical Exercises

Recommended articles to read:

Butler, J.M., Tomsey, C.S., Kline, M.C. (2004) Can the validation process in forensic DNA typing be standardized? Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Human Identification. Available at  or

Developmental Validation Papers (click on pdf link following reference to download article)

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Internal Validation Papers (click on pdf link following reference to download article)

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See also STRBase validation website: and John M. Butler, Forensic DNA Typing: Biology, Technology, and Genetics of STR Markers, 2nd Edition (2005), Elsevier, Chapter 16 "Laboratory Validation", pp. 389-412.


Q2A Guideline for Industry: Text on Validation of Analytical Procedures

Q2B Guideline for Industry: Validation of Analytical Procedures: Methodology