David Lee Duewer, Ph.D.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Chemical Sciences and Technology Laboratory

Gaithersburg, MD  20899-8390

Tel: 301-975-3935   

Email: david.duewer@nist.gov


Chemical metrologist with particular expertise in chemometrics, experimental design, exploratory data analysis, graphical communications, interlaboratory comparisons, measurement uncertainty, and quality assurance/control.

        Advocate for R&D at interfaces of chemistry, biology, measurement science, and statistics

        Experienced multi-disciplinary team builder and team leader

        Demonstrated ability to bring projects to timely completion




National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

2002–Now Scientist V, Research Chemist

1991–2001 Scientist IV, Research Chemist

        Design and evaluation of interlaboratory studies

        Value, uncertainty, and traceability assignment of chemical and biological reference materials

        Comparability assessment of reference materials and measurement procedures

        Consulting data analyst, with focus on the development of graphical analysis and communication techniques


Monsanto Agricultural Company, St. Louis, MO

1986–1990 Senior Research Specialist, Herbicide Discovery
Champion of knowledge-driven methods for optimization of lead chemistries:
bioassays, chemical information systems, and structure/activity&property studies.

1982–1985 Research Specialist, Synthesis
Project leader responsible for acquisition and implementation of targeted synthesis
strategies: QSAR, experimental design, molecular modeling, and information access.

1979–1982 Senior Research Chemist, Process   
Member of chemical process computational support team: process control,
experimental design, kinetic and mass-balance models, and quality assurance.




1977–1979 Senior Fellow with G.D. Christian, University of Washington

1976–1977 Research Associate with H. Freiser, University of Arizona

1973–1976 Ph.D. Chemistry with B.R. Kowalski, University of Washington

1971–1973 NDEA Graduate Research with R.S. Juvet, Jr., Arizona State University

1967–1971 B.S. Cum Laude Chemistry, University of Washington



Professional Organizations


Membership Secretary, North American Chapter of the International Chemometrics Society

Chemometrics Liaison, The QSAR and Modelling Society





Manuscripts In Preparation


Duewer DL, Banks D.  Mixture-Model Probability Density Functions and the Robust Estimation of Location and Dispersion.


Duewer DL, Kline MC, Sharpless KE, Brown Thomas J.  NIST Micronutrients Measurement Quality Assurance Program: Fat-Soluble Vitamin Measurement Commutability of Lyophilized and Liquid-Frozen Serum Matrices.


Choquette SJ, O’Neal LE, Duewer DL, Hanssen LM, Zhu C.  Rare Earth Glass Reference Materials for Near Infrared Spectrometry: Certification of SRM 2065 Band Locations using multiple Fourier Transform Spectrometers.


Long SE, Welch MJ, Duewer DL.  Comparability Evaluation of Certified Reference Materials.


Stephen E. Long, Gregory Turk, David L. Duewer, Mary F. Burritt, John A. Butz, Richard R. Miller.  Comparability Evaluation of Reference Measurement Procedures.


Manuscripts In Review


Butler JM, Appleby JE, Liu D, Duewer DL.  Locus-specific brackets for reliable typing of Y-chromosome short tandem repeat markers.  Submitted to Electrophoresis.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Choquette SJ, Duewer DL, Hanssen LM, Early EA.  SRM 2036 Near Infrared Reflection Wavelength Standard.  Applied Spec, in press.

Kline MC, Duewer DL, Redman JW, Butler JM.  Results from the NIST 2004 DNA Quantitation Study.  J Forensic Sci, in press.

Kline MC, Vallone PM, Redman, JW, Duewer DL, Calloway CD, Butler JM.  Mitchondrial DNA Typing Screens with Control Region and Coding Region SNPs.  J Forensic Sci, in press.

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Margolis SA, Vangel M, Duewer DL.  Certification of SRM 970, Ascorbic Acid in Serum, and the Analysis of Associated Interlaboratory Bias in the Measurement Process.
Clin Chem 2003;49:463-469.

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Anal Chem 2002;74(14):3408-3415

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Interlaboratory Comparison of DNA Quantification Practice and Short Tandem Repeat Multiplex Performance with Multiple-Source Samples. J Forensic Sci 2001;46(5):1199-1210.

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Non-Peer Reviewed or Courtesy-Author Publications

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