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 Web-based version of AutoDimer! Click here for the web-based version of AutoDimer.  

This version of AutoDimer works similarly to the previous version with some additional functionalities.
          -Primer Stats: Tm, extinction coefficient @260 nm, molecular weight, fractional GC content (fGC) and free energy estimate (
DG) are provided.
          -Results for all of the modules can be saved directly to excel or to a comma delimited (CSV) file. 

Note: the web-based version of AutoDimer is limited to 100 sequences per run with a maximum oligomer length of 75 nucleotides.  It also used the same input file format as the stand alone version.

AutoDimer software was developed to rapidly screen previously selected PCR primers for primer-dimer and hairpin interactions in short DNA oligomers (< 30 nucleotides).  AutoDimer was originally created to assist in the development of multiplex PCR assays for probing STR and SNP markers for forensic purposes.  Click here for a screen shot of AutoDimer.


Click here to review the results of screening 408 primer pairs

Publications in which AutoDimer was implemented to develop multiplex PCR and primer extension assays

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